In 2017, RORA was launched by Creative Director, Ashley Gill, who chose the name with intention.
The name RORA means SUNRISE……
Representing a fresh start; a warm light; full of optimism and peace. She wants the women that wear her clothing to embrace the feeling of a daily re-awakening wearing clothes that instill confidence and encourage true authenticity. Clothing for women who want to look cosmopolitan, but with a kiss of ease and wear-ability.
Every piece designed for Rora, is a diary of Ashley’s journey as an artist, and as a human being. Her love of art, adventure and giving back have been the keystones of how she lives her life. Throughout her career as a designer, she traveled to far-reaching places, exposing her to diverse cultures, colors and textures. Through sharing her stories and designs, she hopes to inspire women to be fearless to explore and learn.
Her vision is to create products that make you feel good, while trying to do some good for the world and humanity at the same time. Clothing that does more than just dress customers but helps make an impact. Encouraging positive changes within the fashion ecosystem and the world as a whole. 
Ashley has seen the struggles of humanity all around the world, and wanted to help.Rora donates clothing and a percentage of sales to different charities all over the world. They also have partnered with One Tree Planted, an organization that plants trees in areas ravaged by deforestation. For every purchase made, Rora plants a tree in an area ravaged by deforestation.
Their core mission is to always care about people, products and the world while creating every collection.