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DressWeights | A Windy Day Fashion Fix

Our friend came up with the perfect fix for our dresses on a windy day. Dressweights has been a life saver for us which is why we wanted to off this product on our site! 

Below is the information about the product! 

  • $15 for a set of 4 reusable DressWeights™ with recyclable storage clamshell.
  • Each weight measures 1.6" x 0.6" x 0.1" | About as long as a needle, without the fear of getting pricked!
  • Each weight is 0.5 ounces | About the same as two and a half quarters or 13 jelly beans!

Directions For Use:

  • PEEL the adhesive label from the weight
  • STICK it onto the interior hem of your frock
  • STRUT your stuff with confidence!

Caution: Keep out of reach of small children. Remove from garment before washing.