Teufelsberg in German means Devil’s Mountain and is located in one of the tallest part of Berlin. This hill was not always and was created out of post war rubble and debris, 80 meters (260 feet) high. This is now highest point in Berlin.

While the Nazis were in power, a military-technical college was built and after the war their Allies tried to destroy the buildings using explosives, but they were so sturdy that they could not be demolished. In 1961, the US and British realized the advantage of how high this hill was and installed four radomes that give Teufelsberg its unique character. They used these stationed around the clock to eavesdrop on East German and Russian communications during the Cold War.

Now these buildings and radomes have become beautiful structures of art. Graffiti artists from all over the world travel to make their mark and this once college turned listening station turned junkyard has turned into this beautiful yet eerie amazing momument of Berlin. 

Below are some pictures that we wanted to share with you! 


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