Traveling to NY this winter?

You do not know what cold is until you have experienced an east coast winter. We are going to share some tips on what to bring in your suitcase before you get here!

  • Bring gloves, scarfs and the longest coat you own. Life savors are uniqlo heat leggings and l/s t-shirt. Wear them with a dress or under your jeans.

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  • The snow is really magical at first but after a couple of hours it becomes dirty brown slush which sometimes then leads to black ice. To avoid a massive slip; Bring rain or snow boots. Below our favorites!!3937!105!33780136341!s!303369121149

  • It’s an umbrella city. Do not buy an expensive or cheap one when you get there. The round clear ones are the best! You can see through the crowds and will not flip up on a windy days.

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