Legends of Ireland

We love a good bookstore and had the pleasure of finding one tucked away in Galway. The store was filled with books about all the Irish myths we were told about during our visit. Filled with curiosity we bought a book called "Legendary Ireland" that the clerk recommended. 

One of our favorites is the story of the Aos Si; which are a supernatural race of creatures that coexist with the Irish people. The Aos Si people are thought of as fairies and elves that live an invisible life alongside the Irish. These creatures are said to live in mounds around the country, as well as in the western sea keeping a close eye on their people. The fairies and elves were thought to be ancestors to the Irish people whom they are living alongside all their lives. We loved this take on other-wordly people; fairies and elves instead of ghosts or spirits. Irish people have a way of bringing a bit of magic into every truth which makes for such a better story!  

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