All Things Sleep!

In honor of all things sleep, and the launch of RORA PJs, we’ve put together our top five sleep necessities for you!


1. RORA's silk pjs!

asarai earth tones mask

2. We’re a sucker for any face mask... One of our favorites to use before bed is the Asarai Earth Tones Face Mask. The Australian red clay softens and purifies your skin, ridding it of all of the day’s stressors. You’ll wake up in the morning glowing and refreshed!


The Beauty Chef Sleep Inner Beauty Powder

3. While our skin gets ready for bed, we like to sip on a warm cup of milk with The Beauty Chef’s Sleep Inner Beauty powder swirled in. We like to sooth and calm down our bodies in as many ways as possible for a good night’s sleep!



4. In order to calm down our minds, and slow down our thoughts, we like to give our pillows a quick spray of the REN & Now to Sleep Pillow Spray. Perfect for when you can’t stop counting sheep, or the jet lag sets in!


5. And finally, we block out all slivers of light with our Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask to ensure an uninterrupted, good night’s sleep!


Shop the silk pjs here, and sleep tight Roralites! 

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